In Halle – the city of Handel In the art, culture, relaxation, food and shopping opportunities offered in Halle’s historic city centre, you can feel the more than 1200 years of the city’s history. The birthplace of Handel has much to recommend it, including: numerous events, such as the Handel Festival, the International Children’s Choir Festival, the Lantern Festival, the Salt Festival numerous museums/historical sites, such as Moritzburg Castle, the Francke Foundations, the cathedral, the Marienbibliothek library, the opera house, the George Friedric Handel Hall, the Ulrichskirche concert hall, the Steintor-Varieté theatre and the Halle-Messe exhibition centre, more than 7,000 hectares of green spaces and aquatic areas, e.g. in the zoo, in the botanical garden, on the Peißnitzinsel island on the banks of the Saale and much more. You can find up-to-date information in the Halle city calendar of events